My last three posts on communication thesis topics elicited more queries and emails from students than I had anticipated. Some of the emails were:

“Hello ma’am, i’m thinking of fraternities for thesis topic. what do you think about this? how students react towards it? why did they join? how it affects their studies? what is their perception on this? and im also thinking of call centers maa’m, ano ba yong perception ng mga students sa mga call centers ngaun? what do you think maa’m pwede ba to? my problem maam is i dont know how to state this for titles. and im also interested in this topic maam “Mobile Phone Text Messaging Overuse among Developing World University Students” the one youve posted  in Devcompage. I  really need your help maam and suggestions on my proposed ideas.”

“Ma’am, if at all possible, could you suggest possible topics related to economics (macroeconomics)?  My sister is doing her thesis as well this semester.” 

“What if ma’am i make i study on the students’ preference of research reference–internet or library. It’s all about their access and what they trust most. I hope ma’am it’s ok.”

“Here are our proposed thesis topics:

Student A
Effectiveness of concept notes or note taking alone in the process of learning
Effects of social networks in the  communication skills of the youth today
What pushes or urges the youth to contribute  or share their life stories in teens’ books (chicken soup for teens, chocolate for a teens’ dream).

Student B
Perceptions of the youth towards homosexual relationship
Effects of alcohol towards the youth in handling their problems
How does internet addiction influence the youth of today?

While the emails indicated an openness to consult the teacher, they also elicited an exasperated response from me. The list of  U.S. mass communication and journalism thesis abstracts is meant to give research ideas to the student. It is absolutely not to be copied and pasted in toto as there are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues involved.

A student can take one current issue (e.g., melamine contamination in milk, methathione controversy, climate change, farm waste management, mining) and come up with any of these topics : 1) framing of the issue online, 2) framing of the issue in national newspapers, 3) mothers’ risk perceptions of melamine in milk, 4) rural mothers’ awareness of food safety issues, 5) information needs on each of these issues, etc. Based on these variations, one can  have 25 possible thesis topics to choose from and discuss with the thesis adviser.

We used this approach in our DC198 class and I was amazed at the list of acceptable thesis topics that my students discussed with me. Indeed, it helps to read up on the current issues of the day to get ideas for thesis topics. Creativity has no boundaries.

Hint: Readers should read the comments in Thesis/Research Coach of Devcompage as it is a rich source of thesis topics.

88 Responses to How to choose a development communication thesis topic

  1. devcompage says:

    Kim, the title or topic is not worthy for a thesis. Let your thesis professor or adviser contact me and we can discuss why not. My email address is:

  2. isel says:

    thank you po ma’aam.
    I’ve come up with a new thesis topoic which is Needs Assessment on the socio-economic status of Mangyans: An input for development communication material.
    Do you think this one is okay? Thank you po and God bless.

  3. devcompage says:

    Isel, sorry but no pa rin. Your thesis can just be on the socio-economic status of the Mangyans. But where is the communication perspective in this thesis topic?

  4. sara says:

    hi ma’am, i’m from Aceh, and now i’m trying to make a proposal post grdt thesis. as a development city, especially after conflict and tsunami, mass media is one of important machine to en role development communication. what do you think the best topic of communication development in aceh that i should take to made it an interesting study?
    thanks for your help

  5. devcompage says:

    Sara, what is your specific research problem about tsunami, conflict and the mass media in Aceh?

  6. DAN says:

    hi, kindly check this topic out, investigation of ict on edecational experience of elementary school pupils

  7. nana says:

    madam pls i need a topic on maternal mortality for my thesis how do i formulate one? thanks

  8. devcompage says:

    Dan, what do you mean by ‘ICT on educational experience” of elementary school pupils?

  9. devcompage says:

    Nana, is this for a communication or public health thesis?

  10. Nitchie Go says:

    Hi Ma’am, I didn’t know such website exist :) i’m so glad I came cross your site. I’d like to inquire for a possible topic for communication research as well. I’ve changed my research topic for multiple times already. Almost all the ideas I can come up with focuses more on Psychology and not Communication. Professors always tell me to draw a topic from my interest. But its either the topic is “reaallly old” or its not really focused on communication. Anyway, im starting from scratch again, and I received a good tip. I’m planning to focus on Feature Writing or Blogging, hope you could give me some good suggestions on what to research about these areas. :) thanks.

  11. devcompage says:

    Nitchie, you need to read up on research reports, journal articles, theses, etc. related to the thesis topic of your choice. What is it about feature writing or blogging do you want to examine?

  12. rooo says:

    Hi mam! I’m actually having trouble thinking of a topic for my communication research. Any suggestions? I am really rooting for your reply.

  13. Meby Morales says:

    hai ma’am . good day!

    we are having a hard time to think of our thesis title. We are thinking a topic about the Disaster Preparedness or Awareness Of Super Typhoon Haiyan Victims in the Northern Part of Cebu. Do you have any suggestion for a possible title to our chosen topic?


  14. Meby Morales says:

    hai ma’am . good day!

    we are having a hard time to think of our thesis title. We are thinking a topic about the Disaster Preparedness or Awareness Of Super Typhoon Haiyan Victims in the Northern Part of Cebu. Do you have any suggestion for a possible title to our chosen topic?

    thank you for response!

  15. kay says:

    Good day ma’am, please I want to write on recycling waste issues for my environmental communication project and also a very interesting developmental issue for my development communication project, i am so lost on how to write or formulate a topic. Please I need your help, thank you…..

  16. mary krezelle mamon says:

    hello ma’am. i’m really having a hard time formulating a topic for my thesis. my adviser wanted me to study about media, or movies. since i am a devcom student, i want to study topics that would fit my field of interests. the problem is, almost all of the topics i’m interested in is already taken up by my classmates. but i would also like to take up my adviser’s advise to study about media, but i really don’t know what specific “area/s” of media i would study about.

  17. ailyn says:

    hello ma’am! it’s been a year since the last time i’ve visited your page.. i am already a graduate of mass comm and i thought i won’t do any research again.. but they are requiring us to have at least a research proposal, which i will be pushing through if i’m gonna enroll my masters. could you give me any idea of a research proposal which is trendy today? thaks and godbless!

  18. Tina Yons says:

    pls ma, am a master’s student in devcom and am looking for assistance on how to get thesis topic. am really confuse. my areas of interest is community, mass media in community development and culture.

  19. Mitzi says:

    Hi Ma’am,

    I sent you an email. I hope that’s ok with you. I’m a bit shy to leave a comment here for the whole world to see….

  20. devcompage says:

    Mitzi, I already replied to your email and suggested what you need.

  21. Imma Rosary says:

    Good day Ma’am.

    I’m from Manila, I’m a communication student. Is it possible to conduct research about a certain Filipino pamahiin like “Tabi-tabi po”, but we are not yet sure of what pamahiin, and its origin and evolution up until now. We are also having problems with constructing a title. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you Ma’am 😀

  22. Jannel says:

    Hi Maam ! This website is indeed helpful. Maam, I would like to inquire for your suggestion about a topic for a baby thesis with regards to the course Development Communication ? I would really appreciate it as you reply. Thank you.

  23. Jannel says:

    Maam, I would like to inquire for your suggestion about a topic for a baby thesis with regards to the course Development Communication ? I would really appreciate it as you reply. Thank you.

  24. Vhanni says:

    Helo.. i am planning to propose this topic ” Management and Production Practices and Challenges of High School Campus Publications in Mt. Province”. What can you say about it?

    …or “Factors affecting performance of High School Campus Publications in the Division Schools Press Conference” then it will cover my laters topic :)

  25. Sammy says:

    Please, I need an M.Sc thesis topic on development communication. Can u suggest any to me please

  26. Dazzy says:

    Pls i need thesis topic on dev comm from health or gender.

  27. mayflor says:

    gud day,,,
    ma’am, i’m having a hard regarding my thesis on developmental management. i need your help on what topic should i take.thank you

  28. marish says:

    maam im a journ student and this are my title proposal.

    1. the perceive effect of comments in facebook to the perception of students.
    2. the effectivity of infoteinment to the viewers through newspaper.
    3. the impact of documentation to the people in that place that has bee featured.

    im hoping that you could help me and suggest or improve my title. thanks a lot..

  29. rome says:

    Good day po. since I belive that you have the authority to answer my question, may I ask the difference between development communication and development journalism. This curiosity really troubles me po eh.

  30. Mercy Viera says:

    Please can you suggest a topic for my thesis on Development Communication?

  31. Celine says:

    Hi Maam,

    I need some assistance, am trying to come up with my thesis topic that is required for corporate communication. Kindly advise on which approach I should take co am really confused on which topic I should research on. Please can you suggest a topic for my thesis on corporate communications.

  32. Raven says:

    ma’am i’m just thinking what angle i can proceed with this idea “youtube dance tutorials” and i just want to ask some variables that i can use in the because my prof doesn’t want effectiveness, awareness and influence ,, she also don’t like an analysis and comparisons

  33. julie says:

    maam anu po ba kayang magandang topic patungkol sa basura po. proper waste management po. isa po kasing problema to sa amin yung improper waste disposal at yun po sana ang gusto kung topic sa thesis ko po..

  34. I was hoping to find a topic that might interest me in conducting my master’s thesis in DevCom. I found many good topics but I cannot see any that will help a particular community. I really want to conduct a study in which the community is directly involved or a topic that will bring about “development” to a chosen community. However, my ideas are so scattered that I cannot think of any feasible issue about participative researches. Could you please help me in deciding about a topic I could work on? thanks Maam..

  35. devcompage says:

    Jennifer, in choosing a thesis topic, you must start with a research question. What is it that you want to find out? A topic that will bring about “development” may not be a research topic but a development project, which will not help you earn your M.S. in Devcom degree. A good start would be to review the MDGs and see which of the development goals you might be passionate about or doable from your context.

  36. devcompage says:

    Julie, it is proper solid waste management. What is it about improper waste disposal do you want to examine?

  37. devcompage says:

    Rome, you can Google these topics.

  38. devcompage says:

    Imma, what is it about Filipino beliefs that you want to examine? What communication variables are involved?

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