Writing the thesis outline: Conceptual framework

19 08 2009
Jinhua College students during survey procedures training

Jinhua College students during survey procedures training

One of the frequently asked questions in Thesis/Research Coach of this blog is how to develop a framework — conceptual and theeoretical — for a thesis outline. Here’s the advice I have always given my own thesis students …

A framework is simply the structure of the research idea or concept and how it is put together.  A conceptual framework elaborates the research problem in relation to relevant literature. This section may summarize the major (dependent and independent) variables in your research. The framework may be summarized in a schematic diagram that presents the major variables and their hypothesized relationships. It should also cover the following:

  • Existing research and its relevance for your topic
  • Key ideas or constructs in your approach
  • Identify and discuss the variables related to the problem.
  • Conceptualized relationships between variables
  • Independent variables (presumed cause)
    Dependent variables (presumed effect)
    Intervening variables (other variables that influence the effect of the independent variable)

  • Present a schematic diagram of the relationships between key variables and discuss the relationship of the elements/variables
  • Statement of hypotheses

For sample conceptual frameworks, click here and here .



165 responses

1 09 2009

Kinldy, forward the documents relataed to theoritical and coceptual framwork.


1 09 2009
monina escalada

Dhan, read the posts on the topic here in Devcompage.

20 11 2009

can u make a theoretical background, and conceptual framework about: why the electrical consumption of the southern leyte is bigger than the meralco billing rate.

21 11 2009
monina escalada

Angel, what is your area of study?

3 02 2010
jane nwindo kombe

my area of study is long holidays and the academic performance of pupils i the primary schools. The variables are the media and pupils academic performance,peer group and pupils performance and social activities and pupils performance. What could be the theoritical framework and the conceptual framework here? I am confused. Thanks

3 02 2010
monina escalada

Jane, what is your research question? To come up with a theoretical and conceptual framework, you need to be quite clear about your study. Then read up on the key variables to be able to think of an appropriate theory or model that will support your study findings.

21 02 2010

hi. . will you give me an idea on how to do a theoritical and conceptual framework? i found hard doing this. . i dont have any idea. . pls. .
my topic is about leadership.

26 02 2010
monina escalada

Farrahmae, what is it about leadership that you’re looking at? Before one can begin writing a theoretical and conceptual framework, he/she must be clear on the research question and the key variables in one’s study.

29 11 2009

hi. can you help me name the variables involved in “nursing employment & progress”. thanks. this article has been helpful🙂 ill continue viewing your site as we do our research paper. ^^

30 11 2009
monina escalada

Phoebe, is this for a nursing thesis? What is your research question in this study? Or what do you want to find out about nursing employment and progress. Often, we need to read related studies to give us a clue on the relevant variables for our research. There’s a lot of information in the web about nursing employment or the lack of, in nursing forums. My son is a registered nurse so your topic is of interest to me too. He did an interesting thesis too comparing the learning gains from a video and a classroom lecture on rabies and TB. It generated useful results.

14 12 2009

my topic of research is Ethical consumerism and its impact on europe. i have been told to put a conceptual framework, but have not a clear idea even going through your instructions, could you please guide me thoroughly of how to go about this part of the research,, or should i send u my introduction and literature… so u can have an idea.

2 01 2010

hi maam.. can you help me, how will i start my theoretical framework in our thesis./?
our title is: food adequacy of mascuf athlete in western mindanao state university.

3 01 2010
monina escalada

Thenis, read my post on writing the theoretical framework. Read related studies in journals and theses to give you an idea on how the theoretical framework is written. Good luck.

3 01 2010

what is the difference between the conceptual framework and theoretical framework?

3 01 2010
monina escalada

Yheng. read carefully my posts on conceptual framework and theoretical framework and you will see the difference.

4 01 2010
maricel grace

Good day!

I would like to seek your ideas regarding our research entitled” A Comparative Study on the Perceptions regarding Menstrual Hygiene of Private and Public Grade Six Pupils in Bucal, Calamba City. we cannot come up with a good conceptual framework. Your ideas is highly appreciated. thank you!

5 01 2010
monina escalada

Maricel Grace, please carefully read my post on writing the conceptual framework. Your study is descriptive and the conceptual framework shows the relationships that you hypothesize to exist between the key variables. Thus, you must be clear on the independent and dependent variables of your study.

In your study, what do you think are the variables that would influence or affect grade six pupils’ perceptions of menstrual hygiene? I find your topic to be rather narrow. It may be worthwhile to expand it to personal hygiene for teens. Consult your thesis adviser about this.

5 01 2010

hi..can you help me to do a conceptual framework..which is ORIGINAL theory.
our topic is about overseas job opportunities..


example of theory given is pork and beans theory..must have the explanation and why it is related..thanks..

i hope you can help me..
God bless

6 01 2010
monina escalada

Jhel, read and understand my post on writing the conceptual framework.

15 01 2010

Hi Good day. I am Kate. Just wanna ask if what would be the best conceptual and theoretical framework for my research study about the effectiveness of a certain volunteers organization in our locality.. they are volunteers in keeping our place in peace and order and enforce some of the local mandates by the head.. they are called BARANGAY TANOD. Our study focuses on their effectiveness as to their job and what are the things they need to be effective etc.. please help me on this. I just visited your site and i think this is one of the best site i’ve ever been… thank you,. i’ll wait…

15 01 2010
monina escalada

Kate, you can google organizational effectiveness and you will see models that you can use for your theoretical framework. For your conceptual framework, sort out also the independent and dependent variables in your study — Effectiveness of volunteer organizations. How will you measure effectiveness of these volunteer organizations? If you haven’t sorted it out yet, read up on organizational effectiveness. The management literature or books will have a lot of materials on this topic.

28 01 2010
jerelyn garcesa

hi…mam…can help me doing my conceptual frmework…my research ftitle is “”seminar-lecture variables associated to adopt backyard vermi-cast culter””

12 02 2010

My (PhD) research topic is, “How can MNCs operating in the gold mining industry of Ghana enhance the development of national talents in the industry?”. I have finished my literature review. My supervisor asked my to develop the conceptual framework. I did not know what to do. After some reading, I came out with the “emerging themes” from each of the research questions. He has come back that I develop the conceptual framework and this is a headache. I am meeting him in the next three days and still don’t know how to go about it. I will want to hear from you as to what to do.

12 02 2010
monina escalada

Nana, read my post on writing the conceptual framework. Your supervisor is right … a review of literature is different from a conceptual framework. What are the key variables in your study? The conceptual framework is about showing the key variables and their relationships with each other.

15 02 2010
marie ver

I am making an outline of my thesis entitled EMOTIONAL ATTITUDES OF SPECIAL EDUCATION PUPILS IN THE PRIMARY LEVEL TOWARDS INCLUSION: ITS’ RELATIONSHIP TO THEIR EDUCATIONAL SUCCESS. I cant still think of which independent and dependent should I established. Thanks so much

17 02 2010
charissa deloso

wil u plz give an idea on how to get conceptaul framework about income local transport sectors?

21 02 2010
monina escalada

Farrahmae, read my post on writing the theoretical and conceptual framework. Click on the Archives page to see the various topics I have written about.

22 02 2010

hello ma’am…….can you help me how to make a conceptual framework the title is maimtaining proper hygiene……….thank you

23 02 2010
monina escalada

Pinky, you need to state your research problem or research question, objectives and your key variables. Is your research descriptive? Or are you working on a thesis? The title you gave sounds like a communication campaign topic. That’s what my students would submit to me in our campaigns class. Please clarify.

23 02 2010

Mam, we are working now on our thesis..Our Problem is “Compliance of TB dots treatment among patients in Borongan E. Samar” and our Gen. Objective is to determine the compliance of TB dots treatment..Mam,can u pls give us tips on how to make a theoretical framework about related to our prob…

23 02 2010
monina escalada

Mona, that’s a useful thesis topic. You need to correct your title to: Patients’ Compliance with the TB DOTS Treatment in Borongan, Eastern Samar. To come up with a theoretical framework for your research problem, you need to be clear on the key variables that will influence patients’ compliance with treatment. Will background factors (age, education, gender) and information exposure (print readership, radio listenership, TV viewership, interpersonal contact with health professionals) influence compliance? If so, perhaps you need to read up on social learning theory or social cognitive theory.

26 02 2010
Erwin John

Hi ma’am,

i reaaly got a hard time on how to make our theoritical framework.

we are making a system entitled, IGaCoS Water District Billing System with Mobile Application for Meter Reading and Payment Collection. its just that i don’t have any idea on any theory about water distributions or management in a community… can you help me with this please….

26 02 2010
monina escalada

Erwin John. I’m afraid your topic is nowt within development communication so I won’t be in a position to help. For starters, you need to sort out what your research question is. What is it about the water district billing system with mobile application are you looking at? By specifying your research question, finding the appropriate theory will be easier.

21 03 2010
Gracia Santiago

HI MADAM ! thank you so much for your well – discussed information about conceptual framework. it really helped me a lot ! God bless . Thank you .

21 05 2010
nazma umar

hi can u post me some material on “synopsis” writing for a phd thesis?

13 06 2010
jc sotto

hi ma’am.
i’ll be working on my own undergrad thesis soon.
For now, i researched the difference between theoretical and conceptual frameworks. (those are my reports.)
thanks for you works.

14 06 2010

jc, am glad you found your way here. Tell your classmates about Devcompage. Click on the Thesis/Research Coach tab to learn more about theoretical and conceptual frameworks. Do you already have a thesis topic?

3 08 2010
Jonalyn L. Primero

hi mam!can u help me make a conceptual framework?regareding “Being a Government Employee:Burden or Blessing?” tnx!!

3 08 2010

Jonalyn, where are you studying? I keep tabs on the schools of students I’m helping. What is your course?

3 08 2010

hi mam!can u help me make a conceptual framework?regareding “Being a Government Employee:Burden or Blessing?” tnx in advance!

11 08 2010

good day mam..i have the difficultly in coming up with our conceptual framework/theoretical framework for our thesis.. our topic is : ” begonia plant extract as a decolorizer” im a medical technology student. in high school we use these extract as a bleaching agent and now we’re trying to extend the research

11 08 2010

Reichelle, this site deals with communication science and not on medical technology.

16 08 2010
leo gorospe

good day ma’am. I went to the site you suggested. The thesis proposal i am pondering is along the line of effectiveness/ suitability of using free software to catalog documents i.e. bee keeping documents since the 1920’s here in Baguio/Benguet where beekeeping is popular. As a working prototype, i would convert all the available documents to pdf for easier access and availability. I hope you can comment on these. Have a nice day.

16 08 2010

good evening.. it was part of our examination to draw an individual theoretical framework about our research . . i totally had a hard time formulating this framework. . can you help me?. . our topic is about “Awareness and Utilization of Resources, Services, and Facilities of Guidance and Counseling Center”. . Thank you

26 08 2010

Drear Colleagues,

Thank you for your contructive ideas. I have got a problems. are Theoretical review and conceptual framework the same? can you please demonstrate for me. these two on this topic: “bank supervision and banking sector performance”. any one who did research about this topic. please can I have your work on : nsabgerard12@yahoo.fr

27 08 2010

Nsabimana, Devcompage is about communication science (mass communication, development communication) and not about banking supervision and performance. I sugest you look for advice elsewhere.

29 11 2010
onyekachi kingsley

good evening maa, i went through this site and i saw what you are doing, it is wonderful. i am also a postgraduate student in Nigeria my thesis topic is spatial connectivity of facilities in a postgraduate hostel. pls maa my problem is how to organise my theoretic framework. pls help me maa.

29 11 2010

Onyekachi, please read the posts on developing the theoretical framework to learn how it is written.

29 11 2010

Good day ma’am…!

I’m just hoping if you can help me for doing my theoretical and conceptual framework for the topic entitled the unsuccessful mission of the PNP at the Quirino grandstand hostage-taking.

thank you….!

29 11 2010
Bob Ozarraga

Can u help formulating the conceptual framework on thesis “Effects of Migration on migrant’s family left behind”

29 11 2010

Bob, what is your research question? Your research topic is more on sociology or social work. What degree program are you pursuing?

29 11 2010

…good day.
ma’am,,,hope you can help us on how to make an accurate theoretical framework…
my topic is”automated record keeping system.” your advice and answers are highly appreciated.
“thank you in advance”

29 11 2010

Rizanes, to be able to write a theoretical framework requires that you read the literature in your field of study. In your field, what theories can be used to help explain or support the relationships among variables? What do the theories in your discipline say about automated record keeping system?

9 01 2011

hello ma’am,
good day, i would like to ask your help on how to make a conceptual framework. Our study.
Your advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you

9 01 2011

hi maam,
please give me advice in making conceptual framework about my study ‘automated hydraulic can crusher’
thank u maam, ur advice is highly appreciated

10 01 2011

Eli, read my post on “developing the conceptual framework” here in Devcompage.

24 01 2011
irene koda

thanks for your advise, please help me to write conceptual frmework my topic is “the use of economic diplomacy towards national development: a study of trade promotion

24 01 2011

Irene, read my post and examples of how to write the conceptual framework here.

23 02 2011
laleh fanisaberi

my thesis is :the effect of health educational programms on knowledge,attitude,practice,mental health and quality of life. can you help me to write my conceptual framework?

2 03 2011

hay ma’am please help on how to make a paradigm tnx…

2 03 2011

Nicah, a paradigm on what?

29 03 2011

hi madam..im currently working on my thesis titled “Extent of delivery of primary health care services” bt i find it hard to relate a theoretical framework on it and how should the flow of my conceptual framework be?..thanks so much.God bless

21 04 2011
Charles Back

Hello Monina,
I have not been able to understand the conceptual framework requirements in terms of the actual content. The theoretical framework I have done is based on an Ojective ontology, with a positivist perspective, a quantitative methodology and a survey method. These elements I understand. What elements constitute a conceptual framework? With thanks, Charles.
My PhD thesis is entitled “A Mindfulness-Based Approach to the Prevention of Adolescent Depression”

22 04 2011

Charles, the conceptual framework presents the key independent and dependent variables in your study and the presumed relationships between the two. That’s all there is to it if your thesis is hypothesis-testing. In your thesis, the dependent variable would be prevention of adolescent depression. What are the other variables? What does the mindfulness-based approach consist of?

25 05 2011
ochim ezekiel odongkara

Hi! Thanks. What is the difference between the conceptual framework and theoretical framework? How are they related?

25 05 2011

Ochim, I have written a post each on the conceptual framework and theoretical framework and provided examples right here on Devcompage. Check out the posts to understand the difference between these two. Good luck.

27 07 2011

Hi. My research title is “Importance of 5s in the workplace: Implication to employers and employees camaraderie” and I dont have an idea how to start writing my conceptual framework. Can you please help me? thanks! ?

12 08 2011
Alfadil noor

please help me to write the conceptual framework of my research topic prioritization of peace and justice within the prospective of darfur war victims (2003- 2010)


12 08 2011

Alfadil, this is a development communication site and not about your research topic.

13 08 2011
Ana Marie Pera

Hi i just want to ask help from you. I have systems proposals and i need to do the conceptual framework of the Health Center Automated Patients record system,hope you will response as soon as possible.thank you

14 08 2011

Ana Marie, this site is about development communication. I’m afraid I’m not in a position to help you.

15 08 2011
Ana Marie Pera

okay anyway thanks

15 08 2011
john michael

hello maam, i was starting my thesis now and i was afraid that i dont know where to start with my conceptual framework. my thesis is about microcontroller based eraser. i have already started my research but i dont know how to put up those effectively ;((
thanks in advance

16 08 2011

John, read up on how a conceptual framework is written. I wrote a post on developing the conceptual and theoretical framework here. You can read that as well as other references.

16 08 2011
john michael

follow up question maam, my teacher asked me to write the conceptual framework in 40 pages, so far i only made 5… can you give me some tips on how to elaborate and lengthen my work? thanks again.. :))

16 08 2011

John, why would a teacher ask anyone to write the conceptual framework in 40 pages? Perhaps your teacher meant a 40-page review of related literature? Clarify this with her/him.

8 09 2011

@devcompage-Hello!!! i hv a problem with regards to my thesis……can u help me to write my conceptual framework about my topic: “Effects of cellphone on the human relationship of the PUP students”…..THANK YOU IN ADVANCE…HOPE U’LL HV A REPLY A.S.A.P.🙂

9 09 2011

Emerson, read the posts in Devcompage — Anna Lourdes Francisco’s and Erlan Pasana’s theses to give you a clue on how to go about it.

11 09 2011

Emerson, a conceptual framework is easy to write. First, you have to be clear about your research question/problem and your independent and dependent variables. Read my post on writing the conceptual framework in the old posts of Devcompage.

15 09 2011

hi ma’am, about the informations which are written above, i’m really confused about the indicators of the dependent and independent. please help about this!
God Bless!

15 09 2011

Ela, I don’t understand your question.

6 10 2011

Good day maam! ;)Can you please help me about the conceptual framework? Our thesis is all about National Achievement Test… Its effect on the academic standings etc. Please help me even if itbis short i really dont understand anything. THANK YOU!

11 10 2011

Hi! good day..Im having a problem about our conceptual framework as part of our software engineering documentation. Can you give me a related conceptual framework to our documntation. It is more on Physical Training or Fitness…

11 10 2011

Rujs, this site is about development communication.I’m afraid your study is not within my area of expertise.

12 10 2011

Hello,good day ma’am. This is regarding about the conceptual framework of our thesis which is the existing system of the gym. Im Having a hard time understanding it,i have only done a few but i believed it’s not enough. If it’s okay,can you explain it to me further ma’am? Thank you and God Bless.🙂

12 10 2011

Loi, you need to read on conceptual frameworks and how it is developed. I wrote a post on that topic in the past here in Devcompage.

16 10 2011
bhebel alea

mam pls. help mt title thesis is about effectiveness of collection development policy as perceived by the staff of a library.. what can be my conceptual framework.tnx

17 10 2011

Bhebel, this is a development communication site so your research area is not within my area of expertise. I don’t want to pretend and give you poor advice. You just have to read related research literature on collection development policy of libraries. Then you can get some clues there.

18 10 2011

hi maam, can you help me make a conceptual framework/ paradigm? my thesis topic is related to the industrial setting specifically the factors associated with the hiring preferences of selected industries in hiring new college graduates. please help me. thanks.

19 10 2011

Abi, your topic is not within the realm of development communication and it is not within my area of expertise. I might be like a blind man leading the blind.

19 10 2011

hello mam!I am Daniel from Davao Oriental State College, I would like just to ask if there any possible communication tool to use if my tentative issue is the “women in the cell”. This is still not yet final.

19 10 2011

Yopah, what do you mean by “women in the cell”? Could you give me more details?

20 10 2011

helo.. kindly help me to make a conceptual framework on my thesis.. my topis is.. assessment of repayment to improve and maintain high quality portfolio..

25 10 2011

Hi Maam. I’m doing something on education. using jazzchants in teaching grammar.My framework goes like this

students motivation – teaching practice – students achievement.

please comment

4 11 2011

I want to know difference between conceptual framework and theoretical framework?

6 11 2011

Hamed, read a post on that here in Devcompage.

25 11 2011
apple rose espinosa

..hello! good morning. i just want to ask if what are the best ways of formulating a theoretical framework?

25 11 2011

Apple Rose, read my post in Devcompage about developing a theoretical framework. I gave an example also.

6 12 2011

Apple Rose, read my post on developing a theoretical framework right here in Devcompage.

25 11 2011
apple rose espinosa

we have a same problem of hamed. i was so curious about conceptual and theoretical framework. what would be the generally outcomes of theoretical?

11 12 2011

ma’am help me to make my framework because i need this week… thank you in advance and merry Christmas.

11 12 2011

jrdhm, read the post on developing a theoretical framework right here in Devcompage.

27 02 2012
christine forcado

thank you very much to your guide on how to do the conceptual framework it is really a big help to our theis now we know how to make a conceptual framework thank you again .. Gid Bless… Good Day….

4 03 2012

Dear Madam

i am really happy to see your blog i am a sri lankan doing MBA my topic for dissertation is factors influencing buying decisions of sri lankan cinnamon importors can you give an idea for Conceptual framework for this .


5 03 2012

Tiron, read my post on developing the conceptual framework right here in Devcompage. Use the search button to get to that post.

14 03 2012
kierwin john garcia


11 04 2012

I’m rwandan doing MBA at Kampala International University, I thank you so much for your guide related to conceptual framework; it is helpful. May God bless U

15 07 2012
Cyril Emague

madam good day…may i ask for a suggestion regarding the appropriate conceptual framework for my research entitled, “Rites of Passage” as Educational Acculturation in a Maritime Educational Institution…

thnx madam

16 07 2012

Cyril, only you can put together your conceptual framework. First, take note of the key variables in your research — independent and dependent, and intervening, if any. Note the relationships between these variables. Voila! You have a conceptual framework. I have written a post on how to develop a conceptual framework right here in Devcompage. Read it first.

29 07 2012

madam can i ask you a dependent variable for a thesis study about pantawid pamilyang pilipino program ? thankyou

29 07 2012

Nashralyn, what is your research question or problem? What is your understanding of dependent and independent variables?

2 08 2012

Would you kindly help in in developing a conceptual framework
“An examination of the effectiveness of customer relationship management as a performance improvement tool in service industry

3 08 2012

ma’am help me to make my conceptual framework ,i need this tommorow… its about resort and events .my course is Hospitality Management .thank maaam .

3 08 2012

rjhoy, this site is about development communication, mass communication or communication arts. Besides, you need to be clear about your research problem to be able to put together a conceptual framework.

5 09 2012

Tx for thjs.how can i develop a conceptual frawork for a topic like the economic effect of strikes?

5 09 2012

Esther, it is quite easy but to develop a conceptual framework on the economic effect of strikes, you have to note the key variables in your research. Read how to develop the conceptual framework as well as examples from the various summaries of theses presented in Devcompage.

17 09 2012

thanks for the tips ma’am:)
I’m working on a research on comm’n, however using the systems approach in the research, I find it hard to draw my conceptual framework.I guess I need to be certain of my research objectives before drawing the conceptaual framework.
by the way whats the difference between conceptual framework and analytical framework, is it necessary to have the two in a research?

21 09 2012

Zth, read “developing the conceptual framework” right here in Devcompage to give you some idea. The analytical framework is in your Methodology where you state how you will analyze your data — what research design you will use, measurement, etc.

19 09 2012

mam, please help to construct a diagram in conceptual framework. we have 3 variables. what is the correct flow of our study? our independent variable is parenting style and our two independent variable is psycho-social adjustmet and inferiority complex. tnx!!

21 09 2012

Jay, it is east to draw a diagram. The independent variables (presumed cause) are placed on the left hand side and the dependent variables (presumed effect) are on the right side. Then, based on your conceptual framework (what you think are the likely relationships between parenting style and psycho-social adjustment and inferiority complex, you place an arrow. Good luck.

20 09 2012
Rhino A. Lucya

I want to extend my gratitude to your website because of its great help to students like me who is doing thesis… i find your articles to be of great help especially the samples which are simple and easy to understand…

I am a theology student but i do some thesis for a sideline… thank you very much guys… May God bless you always…

20 09 2012
prince sarfo

i’m still confused. i really don’t get it, how can i formulate theoretical/conceptual framework in a topic like “Teacher absenteeism among Junior High Schools in a community”. i’m an M. Phil(Soc Stds)in Univ. of Education,Winneba, Ghana.

4 10 2012
Belen Joson Bernal

Good pm, please help me make my CF, my topic is “Assessment of Agrarian Reform Community (ARC)Cooperatives as partner in rural development. Can you help me the soonest possible time.



7 10 2012

Belen, as a teacher, I would like students to learn. So I don’t do their homework. I suggest you draft your conceptual framework and send it to me for comments.

11 10 2012
shayne hayden

ahm.. ma’am how does conceptual framework differ from conceptual paradigm.. what are the things under each category,. im confused.. by the way,, thanks in advance..:))

12 10 2012

Shayne, the term “conceptual framework” in used in scientific research. Conceptual paradigm is broader than conceptual framework. In the “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, Thomas Kuhn defines a scientific paradigm as: “universally recognized scientific achievements that, for a time, provide model problems and solutions for a community of researchers”. To Khun, it refers to the set of practices that define a scientific discipline at any particular period of time.

5 11 2012

hello!…what can be my conceptual framework for my thesis which is about “AN AUDIENCE PROFILE OF CHURCH-GOERS IN OUR COMMUNITY” ………honestly im confused between theoretical framework and conceptual framework..whats the differece? and what should i use for my thesis, theoretical framework or conceptual framework?….thank you!

5 11 2012

hello!…what can be my conceptual framework for my thesis which is about “AN AUDIENCE PROFILE OF CHURCH-GOERS IN OUR COMMUNITY” ………honestly im confused between theoretical framework and conceptual framework..whats the differece? and what should i use for my thesis, theoretical framework or conceptual framework?….these are the objectives of the study?1.) Determine the socio-demographic profiles of the respondents;
2) determine the types of religious communication materials used by the parishioners;
3) Determine the reasons on why the parishioners use such religious communication materials; and
4) Identify the benefits they get from the religious communication materials

thank you!

5 11 2012

Vanessa, you can find the answer to your questions by reading my posts on developing the conceptual and theoretical framework. There are also several posts on students’ devcom theses where the theoretical and conceptual frameworks are presented. You can get the drift of how these frameworks are written. Good luck.

5 11 2012

–ill also be adding ‘analytical framework’ in my question..so, which one should i make? conceptual framework?theoretical framework, or analytical framework?

thank you

4 12 2012

I’m working on democracy and economic growth. Plz help me to formulate a conceptual framework? I’m confused. I’ve to submit my proposal next week.

6 12 2012

Yasmeen, this site is on development communication.

11 12 2012

Pls help me to develop a CF on- Influence of psychosocial factors and efficacy of behavioural techniques of sexual risk behaviour among adolescents. Tanks

what are the steps in developing a scale?

14 12 2012
Pierre Meggy

Thanks for your comments, I am doing MA in Cooperative and Community Development, my Topic for research is ” The contribution of Kilimanjaro National Park in improving the livelihoods of adjacent Communities”. Please would you help me to show a conceptual framework diagram how it suppose to be by showing the three Variables( dependent, independent and intervening). thanks!

3 01 2013
Ma.Leonica N.Orbista

goodevening mam i am really trying my best to think of the dependent variable or the presumed effect of my research which is ”difficulties in language and grammar usagein english of first year students of ACC” can you give me an example in mt dependent variable if my indpendent is the demographics profile (age,gender etc.)please help me mam, our teacher is irresponsible enough not to each us how to do research and the deadline’s next week. i hope u could really help me. God Bless.

3 01 2013

Ma. Leonica, here are the answers:

dependent variable: difficulties in language and English grammar usage
independent variable: demographic profile (age, gender etc.)

Your research is about looking at the relationship between demographic profile of first year students and their difficulties in language and English grammar usage. Your next step is to find a reliable measure of difficulties in language and English grammar usage. I hope I was able to help you.

27 01 2013

good day mam, I’m Kenneth Barrientos. I’m doing my undergraduate thesis for BS Environmental Science entitled: “Practices and Knowledge on Environmental and health Hazards of Pesticides used by the farmers” can you give me the dependent and independent variables for this? I’m hoping for your positive response.Thank you very much:)

27 01 2013

Kenneth, your thesis title should be: Farmers’ knowledge on environmental health hazards of pesticide use and their usage of pesticides. What specific group of farmers do you have in mind? Rice farmers? Vegetable farmers? Tobacco growers? I suggest you read up on how you can use the Health Belief Model to guide your research.

The independent variable is the antecedent or presumed cause (farmers’ knowledge of environmental health hazards) and the dependent variable is the presumed effect (usage of pesticides).

27 01 2013

good day mam, can you please give me the independent and dependent variables for my study “Practices and knowledge on environmental and health hazards of pesticides used by farmers”
hoping for your positive response:) TY

13 02 2013

Im Lizy Nami, im currently doing my thesis on “Effects of Addiction on Online Computer Games” Im still confused on how to do my conceptual framework. Please help me🙂

19 02 2013

Lizy, read up on how to write the conceptual framework in many references in the web. You can also find it here in Devcompage. Search in the archives.

16 02 2013

good day mam, can you please give me the independent and dependent variables for my thesis entitled” the money-saving attitute of the students” and also maam help me in conceptulframework.

19 02 2013

Jeanar, is this for a communication thesis?

18 03 2013

please help me to make conceptual framework my thesis is teaching writing in descriptive text.

31 03 2013
Maryam Ally Hassan

Good day mam. Please can help me on conceptual framework in my title “Factors affecting exploitation of spice farming potential among smallholder farmers.

31 03 2013
Maryam Ally Hassan

Hello mam! I’m Maryam from Sokoine University of Agriculture . Please help me on conceptual framework on title: “Factors affecting exploitation of spice farming potential among small holder farmers.

3 04 2013

Maryam, this site is about communication and not about horticulture so I won’t be in a position to help. But the conceptual framework is based on your research objectives and theoretical framework.

13 05 2013

Thanks for the brief overview on how to make a conceptual framework. I am currently focusing on some specific variables and how they are related to each other but did not consider the bigger picture, ie related studies. Reading this article reminded me to include that.

I am just AMAZED at the number of people who commented here, asking you to help them make a conceptual framework and just giving you the title! For me, the article should be a guide for making one’s own framework. Making one is not as simple as copying and pasting some format. I really admire you for your patience in dealing with them.🙂

9 07 2013

mam,will you please help me in our thesis intitled related in swine production..give me some more tips on how to make a chapter 1 and the introduction,,thanks,,,godless

28 07 2013

Gretchen, this is a development communication site, not animal science. It will like a blind leading the blind so I won’t pretend to know something on swine production. Thanks for dropping by.

26 07 2013
Kathlyn Lagamon

madam, I would like to ask if my thesis statement is right: Factors affecting the Reading Readiness of Grade One public schools pupils. I am also open for siggestion of a thesis statement involving the usage of English language and another for the learning proficiency between private ang public preschool pupils. I am overwhelmed by these that I cannot put it right together. thanks a lot.

28 07 2013

Kathlyn, perhaps you can improve your thesis title to: Determinants of reading readiness of grade one public and private school pupils. It will be useful to compare grade one pupils from public and private schools.

3 10 2013

how can i make a conceptual framework through my topic structural data and analysis?

22 06 2014

Good day ma’am. my master thesis topic is ‘the impact of franchising on economic impact in developing countries – a case study of retail Franchising in Zambia. what are your views on this topic.

30 06 2014

Racheal, your topic is on economics and I am not an expert on that. This site is about communication science.

28 03 2015
Marlyn Tigo

Hello Maam,

I have read you website and I really thank you and appreciate your effort in continously helping students in their struggles of making thesis.

I am one of those who needs your assistance if possible.

I am currently working on my MA Devcom thesis entitled; Social Transformation: A case study of Run Away Filipina domestic helpers in UAE.

Independent Variable: Run Away Domestic Helpers – Low level Education, Lack of Opportunity

Dependent Variable: Domestic Violence, abuse and exploitation

Intervening Variables: Pending new standard labour law

1. Can you please suggest related studies/research

2. I have 3 theories in my mind but Im not sure if its suitable for my research. ( The Four theories of the Press- libertarian on Social Responsibility, Social Construction of Reality and Critical theory)

Any suggestion please?

3. Methodology – Ethnographic research
Any suggestion please?

23 11 2015
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18 02 2016
Christian Acolatse

I have been trying all these years (2 years) to come out with a research proposal for a Doctoral Programme but with great difficulty. Your presentation is a wow! Very useful. A thousand thanks. Can I have your email?

20 02 2016
monina escalada

Christian, I am sorry, I am unable to respond to emails as I have also have deadlines to meet.

14 03 2016

Hi! I hope you would help me in my thesis theoretical framework or you can give some ideas, my topic is about Profiling of Bicolano dishes,
its focus on gathering and collecting Recipe. I hard time in finding a applicable theory for may thesis, i hope you could help me!
Thank you, God Bless

30 03 2016

Hi madam, I would like to ask your help in coming up with my theoritical framework on my study” The Views and Experience of Teachers in Preparing for PASBE Validation” . Hope for your reply. Godbless!

5 06 2016
How To Write A Conceptual Framework In Research Proposal | Uomino2

[…] Writing the thesis outline: Conceptual framework – Maricel Grace, please carefully read my post on writing the conceptual framework. Your study is descriptive and the conceptual framework shows the relationships … […]

12 07 2016
conceptual famework

hi madam, can you help me in my thesis outline : conceptual framework on “MENTAL HYGIENE AND ACADEMIC STUDENT PERFORMANCE IN THE MARITIME COLLEGE” i hope you can help me.. thank you.

19 07 2016
Agnes lim

Hi ma’am,
Good evening! Can you help me in writing conceptual framework title .Needle prick victims in emergency room causes transmission of infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis causes permanent disabilities..I hope you can help me on these.thank you

26 07 2016

hi can you help me how to make a conceptual frame work ? its related to my course information technology
thank you

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