Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical framework

20 08 2009

Jinhua College students

Many students find writing the theoretical framework one of the most challenging chapters to write in a thesis outline.  In fact, if you scroll down the Thesis/research coach page, you will read students’ comments asking for advice on their theoretical framework. So what is a theoretical framework and why should researchers bother to write it?

A theoretical framework guides research, determining what variables to measure, and what statistical relationships to look for.  Trochim (2006) in The Research Methods Knowledge Base, states that there are two realms involved in research—theory and observation.  Theory is what goes on inside the  heads of scientists while observation is what goes on in the real world or measures and observations.  In conducting research, one works between these two realms. Theory guides every aspect of research, from formulation of the research question through operationalization and discussion.

Uses of theoretical framework

In “How to Write a successful Research Grant Application: A Guide for Social and Behavioral Scientists, Gregory Herek writes that the theoretical framework strengthens the researcher’s research in several ways:

1. Explicit statement of the theoretical assumptions permits them to be evaluated critically.

2. The theoretical framework connects the researcher to existing knowledge. Guided by a relevant theory, researchers have a basis for their hypotheses and choice of research methods.

3. Articulating the theoretical assumptions of a research study forces the researcher to address questions of why and how. It permits researchers to move from simply describing a phenomenon observed to generalizing about various aspects of that phenomenon.

4. Having a theory helps to identify the limits to those generalizations. A theoretical framework specifies which key variables influence a phenomenon of interest. It alerts the researcher to examine how those key variables might differ in varied populations

How to develop the theoretical framework

To develop the theoretical framework, here is a useful guide that I have shared with my students:

1. Examine your thesis title or topic and research problem.

Example:  Farmers’ comprehension of usage instructions on pesticide packaging

2. Brainstorm on what you consider to be the key variables in your research. Answer the question:  What factors contribute to the presumed effect (dependent variable)?

In our example above, it is:  What are the determinants of farmers’ comprehension of usage instructions? What factors influence the way farmers understand usage instructions on packaging (boxes, bottles)?

3. Read and review related literature to find answers to your research question.

4. List the constructs and variables that might be relevant to your study. Group  variables into independent and dependent.   In our example thesis topic above, these would be:

Dependent variable:  Farmers’ comprehension of usage instructions

Independent:  Farmers’ sources of pest management information, perceived credibility of source and frequency of exposure

5.  Review the social science theories (communication, psychology, sociology, anthropology) and choose the theory that can best explain the relationships between the key variables in your study.

6. Discuss the assumptions or propositions of this theory and point out their relevance to your research.

Some tips

It is easy to err in the choice of appropriate theory.  Read the theories carefully and make sure they make sense to your proposed research. Consult your thesis adviser, research instructor or favorite instructor about your choice of theory.

The theoretical framework is not a stand-alone copy and paste operation where you Google the theory and voila you copy and paste what wikipedia churns out.  A theory is selected on the basis of how best it can explain the relationships among the variables.  There should be a connection between the theoretical framework, conceptual framework,  operationalization, and instrument.

To learn more,  read Julieann Aguilar’s theoretical framework and Buen Josef Andrade’s chapter.



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26 08 2009
mark lou

ma’am moni

you are absolutely right. i’m one of those students. probably because i lack knowledge due to my absence during the time that you discussed these things.🙂. Going back to my thesis,(information environment and rural folks beliefs attitudes and use of health supplements), i’m planning to use health belief model in my theoretical framework. i would like to ask your idea about this. thank you ma’am.

mark lou

28 08 2009
monina escalada

Mark Lou, you need to review your thesis topic and see if he Health Belief Model can provide the theoretical explanation for your research question.

3 02 2010

ma’am im not 1 of ur student but i want you to be my adviser for our nursing research study….

3 02 2010
monina escalada

Jenish, I am surprised and honored. I would be glad to help you but will your school allow me to be your nursing research study adviser?

31 08 2009

ma’am moni,

it’s true ma’am that writing a theoretical and conceptual framework is difficult especially if you don’t internalize your thesis topic.

the procedure you’ve posted ma’am is really of great help in coming up a “well-done” thesis.

thank you so much ma’am for patiently posting it up for us.

31 08 2009
Marjurhy Ann

Knowledge on writing a theoretical framework is very important to me especially that I am currently working on my thesis outline. My topic entitled “Effects of vicarious experience among children’s perception on climate change risks” is supported by the Social Amplification of Risk Framework (SARF). It was after I consulted my adviser that I realized how still hazy my study is.

1 09 2009
shanie tiempo

maam… what really confuse me is that how to make an effective evaluation on a certain project.. i have read your readings about evaluation and i found the ideas are broad that i sometimes find it hard to swallow.. is there a more simple way to make evaluation project more easy and effective?

4 10 2009

My thesis tiltle is on poverty alleviation…

what theories are best suited in my topic? i’ll use this in my theoritical framework…

help me plssss…. thank you!!!

4 10 2009
monina escalada

Harmon, you need to read up on the poverty literature to decide which theory or model can provide theoretical support to your research question.

19 10 2009

Hello everyone, can someone help here plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i dnt know how to write theoritical framework. can someone give me ideas…
here is the research:

The main aim of the research is to explore the possibilities of pro-poor tourism development and its contribution towards poverty alleviation, social and environmental conservation.

thx a lot…:)


2 11 2009
george tria

hello!good day..
i would just like to ask help from you guys regarding my thesis..
help me to formulate my theoretical framework of the study.. thanks. GOD BLESS!

2 11 2009
monina escalada

George, are you doing this thesis for nursing? To come up with a theoretical framework, you need to read up on the topic, “occupational stress” or “occupational stress levels”. Then narrow down your search to “stress levels of call center agents”. Surely, the field of occupational health will show you the appropriate theory or models to support your proposed research. Google these search topics in the web. Good luck.

6 11 2009
adeyemo zeinab

i have been having problems with the theoretical framework of “The Impact of Internet Banking on Bank Profit” which is the chapter 2 of my work. so i just stumbled on this site through search machine. i hope i’d be put through. thanks.

15 11 2009
Maria Theodoridou

Hi! I have trouble with my theoretical part as well. My topic is education related “Immigrant children in Greek classes and fulfilment of their educational rights”. I thought of refering to what Cummins, Banks etc. have to say about the topic and then to what are the educational rights of children in general but I don’t think this will qualify as the theoretical part!
Any instuctions as to how to form it?

16 11 2009
monina escalada

Maria, you I am not an education specialist so I googled “educational rights of immigrant children” and found some materials that might be useful to you. In your theoretical framework, the key is to find out what is the international or global standard on education for immigrant children. Then your research can assess the extent to which Greek children can fulfill their educational rights vis-a-vis international laws or standard.








23 11 2009
emjo austria

hey. i’m kinda confused on how am i supposed to start my theoretical framework. my topic is about the ‘different methods of language teaching and how it will establish the academic status of students.’ i really need your help guys. thanks!

23 11 2009
emjo austria

hey. i’m kinda confused on how am i supposed to start my theoretical framework. my topic is about the ‘different methods of language teaching and how it will establish the academic status of students.’ i really need your help guys. thanks!

23 11 2009
milette cruz

dear ma’am, I too have difficulties making my conceptual framework..my topic is Teachers’ Perception on Inclusion ( Special education and General education). It’s not that clear to me. Thank you ma’am

23 11 2009
monina escalada

Milette, what is your research question or what are you trying to find out in your study? Read my post about how to write the conceptual framework to guide you through.

24 11 2009
milette cruz

Dear Ma’am, these are the things I would like to find out in my study: what are the perceptions of teachers toward inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education setting? the relationship between teachers’ personal characteristics, training and experiences and their perception toward inclusion. Thank you very much!

24 11 2009
monina escalada

Millette, you wrote it right there. For your conceptual framework, your independent variables are teachers’ personal characteristics, training and experiences while your dependent variable is their perception toward inclusion. Discuss this relationship in your conceptual framework. What is the likely relationship or influence of your independent on the dependent variable? What does the literature say about this? Do teacher characteristics, training and experiences have an influence on their perception?

Read up on related studies on this to give you a clue on the relationship and enable you to formulate some research hypotheses.

Good luck.

25 11 2009
milette cruz

Dear Ma’am Monina, Thank you so much! I was enlightened. Is it ok to ask questions here when I need to ask again? Thank you Ma’am.

25 11 2009
monina escalada

Millete, I forgot to mention that you need to choose specific independent variables, like which personal characteristics, training and experiences influence their teacher perceptions on inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education setting.

Good luck in your readings.

4 03 2010
milette cruz

Hello, Ma’am Monina. Milette here again. I just want to ask whta is the difference between Scope and limitation and Scope and delimitation. I am confused.. thank you so much Ma’am…

4 03 2010
monina escalada

Millette, in a thesis, we always use “Scope and Limitation”. Who says Scope and delimitation? That is not used at all.

29 11 2009
nadeesha chathurangi

Dear Ma’ma monina,
my research is about ‘practicability of psychological counseling in resolving HR conflicts’.Could you please help me to write the theoretical framework of my research.specially the variables that are to be investigated.
thank you very much!!

29 11 2009
monina escalada

Nadeesha, I suggest you read up on management and industrial psychology literature to examine how psychological counselling has been used in resolving HR conflicts. Review related studies also, then you can have a handle on the theoretical framework for your research. The key is to read, read and read the literature.

1 12 2009

Dear Ms Monina, I would like to know if there are reading materials in constructing a step by step on how to make a thesis for multimedia arts.
Your help will be appreciated by all the Deaf student.


1 12 2009
monina escalada

Teresa, what do you mean step by step on how to make a thesis? Have you selected a thesis topic? I have written several posts in Devcompage about parts of a thesis and how to write each of them — introduction, conceptual framework, theoretical framework, methodology, citations, etc. Check the archives of Devcompage to learn more.

9 12 2009
angelbert alban

hello ma’am…please help me know what are the possible constituents are there for my theoretical frameworkon my thesis…my topic is about the “Effectiveness of Ballast water management in US terretorial waters”..i knew it is kind of technical for you to come up with, but the only thing I want to know is what do theoretical framework comprises..I didn’t understand what to do in order to come up with possible ingredients of my T. Framework…

like for example…
a.) do we need to know the statistics of annual concurrences regarding this situation?
b.) do we need to identify the main problems about the topic where in?
c.) do we need to state our own opinion for answering the questions? in what way? is it direct answer or in a way you can express it without mentioning the answer?

it’s just what i want to know ma’am…i’m sorry I really don’t understand what to do…
but ma’am please help me…^^

10 12 2009
monina escalada

Angelbert, the theoretical framework discusses the theories or models that can provide an explanation for the likely relationships between the independent and dependent variables in your research. By reading up on the literature ballast water management, you will find what experts say, what parallel research has found, and what theories or principles were cited to support the findings. You can then examine the theory to see if it applies to your research problem.

Surely, some work has been done on effectiveness of ballast water management. Read up on it. If not, you still have a last resort: consult your professor.

4 01 2010
Deb Roy

Dear Ms. Escalada,
Thank you so much for putting up a blog that addresses a tricky topic like theoretical framework. I am doing some research on green buildings. My research objectives are :
1. To develop a decision support tool for adoption of TERI-GRIHA (which is the Indian equivalent of LEED green rating system).

Here the green rating is a dependent variable and independent variables are a) to go for a particular green option or not (discrete binary)
b) the green premium (extra cost) of going for that option – over a baseline option that is not considered green.

The problem is formulated using linear programming technique.
Is there anything else that is required to be given for this objective.


5 01 2010
monina escalada

Deb, my area is development communication so I am not in the best position to help you with your theoretical framework.

18 03 2010

Dear monina, i have a problem with my research proposal. I don’t know what to do with theoretical framework. Title” Enhancement of patient monitoring system using WLAN mobile phones”

Can you help me pls?

8 01 2010

My topic is on economics of use of indigenous knowledge system for reclmation.I am confused on the theoritical framework to use, please help.

10 01 2010

please help me in constructing my theretical framework… my topic is… Available job oppurtunities for nurses in both local and international places. there are so many factors and key variables in this topic… im really confuse on which aspect should i concentrate. i have very few materials. please guide me!

thank you so much!

11 01 2010
monina escalada

Erica, you need to read the literature on overseas or international employment to discern the key variables in this area then you decide which one you will address in your research. The prerequisite to writing a theoretical or conceptual framework is to read up on the literature — related studies, what experts have written.

11 01 2010

hello, and gudeve…
I also had a problem with regards of my theoretical framework too. My study is about “Online Transaction in printing press”. any help please…

12 01 2010
monina escalada

Manny, to be able to write your theoretical framework, you need to read up on online transaction in a business operation. That should give you a clue on what theory will support your study. You will find a lot of resources on the internet about online transaction processing.

11 01 2010

hello ma’am pls help me how to write a theoretical framework..our title is” the study of customer’s level of satisfaction to the facilities and services of a hotel..

12 01 2010
monina escalada

Myleen, read up on customer satisfaction theory. You can easily Google these three words and you will find a number of resources. These are what I found:


12 01 2010

last thing ma’am.. what if our title is”an assessment of an international hotel competing to the locals”..would be the title be accepted? and if yes, what do we have to read?
thank you so much…

13 01 2010
monina escalada

Myleen, what may be acceptable to me may not be acceptable to your thesis adviser so it is best to consult him/her. But your title needs fixing — on what issues or services are you comparing international with local hotels?

30 01 2010

please help me my thesis is about the work of Edgar allan poe, “Berenice”. i really dont know how to make a theoretical framework. kindly help me please.

31 01 2010
monina escalada

Kye, what will be your thesis on the work of Edgar Allan Poe like? Will you do a content or thematic analysis?

4 02 2010

Dear Ma’am Moniina,
I am not your one of students, but i would like to hear more about your advice in making theoretical framework. My concern is that I have finished reviewing interrelated studies but I dont know how to form my own framework and how appy those theories into my thesis. Could you please kindly explain me a clue? Many thanks to my dearest Ma’am Monina in advance.

4 02 2010
monina escalada

Lati, read up on communication and other social science theories and choose which one fits your research question.

5 02 2010


I am not one of your students, but came across this webpage while searching how to approach the theoretical framework. My topic is: Physician’s perception of the usability of the medical record.

I plan to list the areas and ask the physician if they find the nursing documentation, in the particular area, relevant to decisions the physician makes to the plan of care. I thought I should start with perception but I’m really confused as to whether this is the way to go or not. There is no previous research on this area.

5 02 2010
monina escalada

Cheryl, you are right. Most of the research on physicians’ perceptions of the medical record, has to do with electronic record or computerized systems. However, I googled: physicians’ perceptions of nurses’ documentation and found these useful links:



The theoretical framework is derived form theories or models in your field of specialization. You would have to go back to your nursing books and journals to find theories or models about the role of medical documentation and hopefully extract some principles that you could use to support your study.

5 02 2010

Thank you. This will help get me started. Safe Travels

5 02 2010
monina escalada

Cheryl, are you doing a thesis for a M.S. degree in nursing?

15 02 2010

Odd question, but as I have been working toward the appropriate theoretical framework the one I found that seems most appropriate is the constraint theory. It isn’t a theory generally used for this type of work, but is it still ok to use, in your opinion?

6 02 2010
George Worwor

I am completing my masters in management very soon and I am ask to start my project thesis on the thesis topic and underlying issues.
What should I do first?

6 02 2010
monina escalada

George, read up on research methodology in your field, management.

6 02 2010

maam im doing my thesis..and my title is practices of radiation protection..im not that good in english,, can u help me …if u dont mind..^_^ thanks gud eve

6 02 2010

i dont really know how to start my theoretical framework…maam can u help me…??my topic is radiation prsctices of radiologic technolgst…i hope that u can help me…

7 02 2010

I am working on a Doctorate in Health Administration.

7 02 2010
monina escalada

Cheryl, wow! I’m quite impressed. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with as you work on your thesis.

20 03 2010

i have a problem aout the product how to apply this in theoretical and conceptual framework… help me plsss…… i need it… thnx.. email me at mbquintela@yahoo.com thnx!!

7 02 2010

Thanks for the offer. I’m sure I will have more questions as I work through this process.

7 02 2010

i have a queestion i am doing a thesis on ethical issues in addvertisement
which theory should i apply on it?

8 02 2010
monina escalada

Nuzat, there is a lot of rhetoric on advertising ethics and you have to read up on what has been done along this area. Read up on categorical imperative, principle of generic consistency, promises and contracts, role morality, consequentialist/utilitarian and universal public morality. Read Bentham, Hobbes and Kant, as well as Michael Boylan’s personal worldview imperative in his book, “A Just Society”

You may also want to check these out:


9 02 2010

thank you so much it helped alot

10 02 2010
Okolie, kevin

I am not one your students but I must say that I have benefited imensely from your lecture. May God bless you. Please my topic is “performance evaluation of buildings in educational institutions: A case study of universities in Nigeia” My focus is on the design of buildings and the end user in an organisation.
Can you please render a help on my theoetical framework?

Many thanks


23 02 2010
Tinashe Mukungwa

My research topic is: “perception and socio-cultural determinants associated with the implementation of male-circumcision programe. ” I would be appreciative if you would assist me .

23 02 2010
Tinashe Mukungwa

My research topic is: perception and sicio-cultural determinats associated with the implementation of male circumcision programe. Thank you

1 03 2010

what theoretical framework shud i use if my topic is about health services? can u help with this? thank you so much

1 03 2010
monina escalada

Shaine, read my post on writing the theoretical framework.

2 03 2010
paschal, SLAU Uganda

Dear Madam,
How do i make a good theoretical framework about how People with Disabilities access HIV/AIDS Counselling and other counselling services, at a given community caring centre? It is a good topic, i belive, but am stuck!!

2 03 2010
Patrick Etarighobe

How would i write d first paragraph of my theoretical framework for my thesis?my topic is the impact of leadeship on employee performance.what are the dependent and independent variables.what are the related theories to the topic?pls kindly help.

4 03 2010
milette cruz

Hello, Ma’am Monina. Milette here again. I just want to ask whta is the difference between Scope and limitation and Scope and delimitation. I am confused.. thank you so much Ma’am…

4 03 2010
milette cruz

I still have problem with my conceptual framework with regards Teachers’ Attitude Towards Inclusion. My prof was not satisfied with what I did. Do you have any tip on how to do it well? thanks again and God bless..

4 03 2010
monina escalada

Millette, read my post on how to develop the conceptual framework. Remember that you have to be clear about your independent and dependent variables and their relationships. Let me know what you consider to be independent and dependent variables in your study.

4 03 2010

hello ma’am,
I appreciate your write up. I will like to interact further with you. I am a PhD student and presently undertaking a research work on perception. I will appreciate whatever help you can render as regards Theorectical Framework. Title is ” Sceince teachers perception of ICT for instruction in secondary schools”.

5 03 2010
monina escalada

Adebayo, since you’re a Ph.D. student, you really must read up on the perception literature. Your thesis title is an easy one to tackle so I suggest that you mine the literature on perceptions first. Good luck.

7 03 2010

i wish a luck!!!
my thesis its all about fungi…
knowing the different step, how to construct a conceptual framework about my study…..

8 03 2010

what is a good theory for our thesis which is about printing…

i really find it hard making our theoretical framework..

thank you so much ma’am

9 03 2010
monina escalada

Ihio, what is it about printing are you looking at? Read my post on developing the theoretical framework.

10 03 2010

My topic is “What junior phase educators know and understand about emotional intelligence and the impact this has on the enhancement of these skills in their learners.”What conceptual and theoretical frameworks should I use?

24 03 2010
melody bumatay


im doing my thesis paper, I have a porblem on how to make a theoritical framework on literature. My thesis title is ” a critical reading on the works of Don Pagusara’s short stories.

can you give me an idea what and where can i find samples about literature.


3 04 2010

Ma’am. i’m currently doing my master’s project titiled ICT Based Self Access Learning in STPM Chemistry. STPM Chemistry is similar to A-Level chemistry. My research questions are
1. How does ICT based self access learning enhance achievement in chemistry among STPM students?

2. To what extent does ICT enhance the self access learning of Chemistry among STPM students?

Help me out with the theoretical framework. I’m lost…Thank you

5 04 2010
Dr Muro

Thank you very much for your detaikl on hw to develop theoretica framework. i am a masters student. my topic is Prevalence of oral manifestations of HIV? AIDS in association to CD4 count in adilt patients. plese assist me with a clue to develop my theoretical framework

26 04 2010

can anyone help me with my theoretical framework?
my topic is ‘language learning preferences of education students’
i am really having a hard time doing this part.
your suggestions would be of big help.
thank you!!!!!1

26 04 2010

can anyone send me a thesis paper with theoretical and conceptual framework.
for my references only.
thank you very much.
kindly send it to my email at elainelalucin@yahoo.com
it would be of great help in the production of my paper.

5 05 2010

I am a master student, can any one help me with my hteoretical frame work.my topic is an investigation of the factors influencing learners indiscipline at secondary schools. i dont know which teoretical should i use.please help.my email nmupind@gmail.com

6 05 2010

Ndapewa, please read up on developing the theoretical framework so you will know what it is and how it is written.

18 05 2010
Noel Sequito

iam presentl;y doing my masters thesis in the mastery level in english and i find difficulty in formulating my theoritca framework……. plese help me. thanks a lot.

11 06 2010
nimal Abewardana

My MBA e Gov research topic is “An e -Health records system to the indigenous medicine System”. I need some help to create theoritical framework.

20 07 2010

Hello! I m a masters degree student and studying on comparative education. I m not an experienced student, so i m just trying to understand what is a theorotical framework and how can it be written? i want to ask is it sth like that you will review the necessary literature and then write their short summaries and their relationships with your topic??. my topic is “Education and Conflict Resolution in Bosnia-Herzegovina: A comparative study of three schools and a general analysis of the Gulen Movement in Education”..can you please send me a sample theorotical framework related with my study. or what can you advice me? thanks so much…

20 07 2010

Naciye, read my post on writing the theoretical framework to understand how it is done. I have posted some examples. I don’t have a sample theoretical framework for a study like yours because I am not an education major. I am in the field of development communication.

22 07 2010
Mai Tamimi

Dear Monina,

I am a PhD student. I am looking at young people and their contact with nature taking the case study of Palestine. I went through your post in relation to the development of the theoretical framework. I am looking into the nature of this contact as well as the factors affecting it. I think of human-environment theory to be the best representing the issue. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

19 08 2010

Mai, read related studies on your topic to help you decide on an appropriate theoretical framework.

29 07 2010
Francisca k. taryachen

Dear Ma’am Mnina,
I am also working with my thesis now and thought of “The Cause and Effect of Teacher Turnover in ___”, but I am not sure whether my title is well-said or not. Moreover, I am a bit confused on how to write my conceptual framework. for my theoretical framework, I thought of making use of herzberg’s two-factor theory. Could you please advise?Thanks very much in advance…^^

29 07 2010

Francisca, I am not in the field of educational research so I may not be qualified to give you an expert advice. From a social science research perspective, your thesis title, “Cause and Effect of Teacher Turnover …” needs to be reworded because it seems too ambitious. You will need to have precise measures of causes and effects. Read my posts on developing the conceptual framework.

19 08 2010

Francisca, you need to read related literature on your topic and sort out your research question. Based on theory, what are the causes of teacher turnover? You may need to read the management literature to find clues on what will be appropriate variables to examine. That will help you put together your conceptual framework. Good luck.

17 08 2010
Chayinda Teddy

Please Help.
Am writting on HIV/AIDS, circumcision and the use of condoms in two residential areas of Zambian capital Lusaka.Send me a theoretical framework,. Have ready your notes but still cant make one

19 08 2010

Hi ma’am Monina!.. Im working with my master’s thesis and I found some difficulty in formulating my theoritical framework. My problem has something to do with campus journalism in elementary,what appropriate theory could I have? I would very much appreciate your suggestion.. Thank u vry much!..

19 08 2010

Miles, what is your research question?

12 11 2010

Gud am. I am not your student but as i read your articles about Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical framework, i was impressed and learned lots of things but i guess i really need to have your advice with regards to the thesis i am doing right now entitled; Online Marketing. just want to know what would be the things i will going to write?. Hope you’ll reply to this message or you will email me at my email add. I really need your words of wisdom mam. Thanks! Godbless!

12 11 2010

Gud am. I am not your student but as i read your articles about Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical framework, i was impressed and learned lots of things but i guess i really need to have your advice with regards to the thesis i am doing right now entitled; Online Marketing. just want to know what would be the things i will going to write?. Hope you’ll reply to this message or you will email me at my email add, zhen0217@gmail.com I really need your words of wisdom mam. Thanks! Godbless!

8 12 2010

Good day,
please am writing my research projeect on: “The Effects of Age, Gender, Professional experience, Self Concept and Attitudes towards Internet Use among: A predictive study among Nigerian Teacher Trainers in Three Nigerian University’.
What theoretical framework should i use? Thanks, i await ur response.

8 12 2010

Adenike, read up on the research literature to see what theoretical support will be appropriate. Google it and you will find useful links to reports and other materials.

9 12 2010

Thanks, I will do just that.

10 12 2010
Anthony Kganyago

Hi. I am writing a research on ” The impact of experienced finanacial planners turnover on knowledge management within Standard Bank Financial consultancy”. Please advise me on theoritical research framework approach to use.
Your response will be highly appreciated.

10 12 2010

Anthony, this site is on development communication and not on banking. As such, I am unable to give you informed advice.

12 12 2010
katherine dator

hi, my thesis title would be “the attachment styles of children to their parents”.
what theoretical framework would be suitable? its hard to look up on the theories that would support this one. help please.

12 12 2010

Katherine, is this a communication thesis topic? It seems like a development psychology or nursing thesis topic. I can only give informed advice on communication research.

21 12 2010

should i include the independent variable in the theoretical framework!!

my title is “Level of Knowledge on Hepatitis B Among the Residents of Ozamiz City”

the Depedent variable would be “Level of Knowledge”
the Independent vairable would be “Hepatitis B Among the Residents of Ozamiz City”

should i search a theory only on the dependent variable???
which would interelated to the level of knowledge of the residents which would be

the educational attainment?? and socioeconomic background!?

pls reply to this comment!

21 12 2010

Louie, read up on writing the theoretical framework and conceptual framework in Devcompage. You can search it and read it. The theoretical framework discusses the theory, model or principle you are using to support your proposed research. You’re referring to the Conceptual Framework when you mentioned independent and dependent variables.

The independent variable is the presumed cause while the dependent variable is the presumed effect in a relational research study. You are right, the dependent variable is level of knowledge while the independent variable would be variables that you consider to influence respondents’ level of knowledge. What are those?

1 01 2011
rheena millan

i really have a hard time to start my theoretical framework. I can’t comprehend how to construct it because.

my title is, ” global recession years: a closer look on the recovery of hospitality industry”

how should i start it?
i need your expert advices.

1 01 2011

Rheena, read my post on “Developing the theoretical framework”. You will have to read up on the research literature in your field — hospitality industry. From previous studyies, you might be able to discern some management theories or models that might be appropriate for your research question. Good luck.

11 01 2011

Hi, I’m charisse, 4th year mass comm student….my thesis subject is about a broadcast journalist and her life as a broadcast journalist…i don’t know where to start in writing my theoretical framework because my subject is a person, please help me…thanks..

11 01 2011

Charisse, you must begin with a research question. Writing about a broadcast journalist is going to be a case study. I’m not sure if it will require a theoretical framework.

11 01 2011


A good chance for me when I read your articles on writing theoretical framework on a thesis. I am currently working on reading-writing connection in improving the summary output of secondary students. Everything seems to be blurred that I do not know how to actually find an established theoretical framework, conceptual framework and the methodology process for it. Please help me. Kindly reach me through my email ad written. Thanks.

11 01 2011

Anyl, this site is about development communication, communication research, mass communication and related areas. I’m afraid I don’t have the expertise in your field of study.

25 01 2011


i’m santina, I am writing a research about ” Website and Online shop for Nie-On bags”. what theoretical framework is suitable? i don’t know where and how to start? please help me… thank you.

27 01 2011

Santina, what is your research problem? You need to read up on research reports/papers related to your topic to get clues on theoretical support. Do you really need a theoretical framework.

27 01 2011
Raquel F. Toledo

please help me to do a theoretical framework about the” gender limitation in nursing profession ” thankyou

27 01 2011

Raquel, you need to read up on related literature on gender limitations in occupations to find out what theory or principles are used in research on gender in the workplace.

4 02 2011
amylou cruz

hi…i am now presenting writing my dissertation on the formulation of marketing plan..i am asking if you could suggest any theoretical framework that will suit for my research.thanks very much.

4 02 2011
amylou cruz

hi…i am now presently writing my dissertation on the formulation of marketing plan..i am asking if you could suggest any theoretical framework that will suit for my research.thanks very much.

4 02 2011

Amylou, I wrote a post on “writing the theoretical framework”. Read that to give you an idea how a theoretical framework is written. One has to read the related literature in one’s field to decide on an appropriate theoretical framework. Surely, marketing research will have a lot of material that will guide you in writing your theroetical framework.

6 02 2011

I am in fourth year of development studies, my research is about ” the impact of violence against genocide survivors on human development of survivors and perpetrators ” so advice me on what I can use as theoretical framework and literature review.

6 02 2011

Joseph, this site is on development communication, not development studies per se.

16 02 2011

hi madam,

our research focuses the needs, wants and demands of the hospitality industry.

how can we start a theoretical framework of it?

20 02 2011


I just would like to ask for help in formulating a topic that is related to the theory of groupthink.

Please advise me on this. Thank you.

26 02 2011
Samantha Garcia

I am now currently writing a research on: “A logistic regression model of medication adherence among Filipino elderly with tuberculosis” can I ask for some advice on how I should write my theoretical framework? Your respond will be of great help to my study. I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you!

26 02 2011

Samantha, this site is about development communication and not about medical or public health research. I’m afraid I will be unable to give you expert advice.

17 03 2011
Saira Muhib

Good day, i am working on ‘impact of electronic media on socio-economic structures; specially emphasis on TV dramas and commercials. (an ethnographic study of Altit, Hunza) will you suggest me a theoretical framework?
i will be grateful.

18 03 2011

Saira, as I always say, you need to read on related research on your topic to be able to discern the appropriate theoretical support for your study.

2 04 2011
Shirley Yeo Su Tint

my topic is on the relevance of french techniques in culinary education in Malaysia. would you please help me to develop a theoretical framework? fells suffering

12 04 2011
ruby remaldora

Hi, good day ma’am..
i am writing you this message asking for help what would be my theoritical framework in my thesis ‘ Employability of College Grdauates: Guide for Placement Program.I am needing it as soon as possible.

12 04 2011

Ruby, my expertise is only in development communication and it would not be fair to you if I pretend to be a jack of all trades. I regret I am not in a position to help you.

19 05 2011

hi … I am writing about “The Impact of Web OPAC among Technical Librarians … and I am having a hard time writing my Theoretical framework … please help ….

22 05 2011

Verj, you have to read related literature to find out what theoretical support was used for similar studies.

30 05 2011

am writing on impact of financial accountability on development projects in local government areas
i took financial accountability to be my independent variable and development projects to be my dependent variable am i on the right track please. please help to identify more independent and dependent variables from this topic thanks

30 05 2011

Abubakar, you are right in considering financial accountability as your independent variable. For your dependent variables, you will have to break down development projects — what is it about development projects that you want to examine. Then that will give you a handle on how to come up with dependent variables. Good luck.

30 05 2011
Ralph ecow

Dear Monina,
I feel you can give me idea how I should develop my theoretical and conceptual frameworks for my Phd thesis.

Brief: Philanthropists given governorship post to lead development in communities

Research Problem
How can the philanthropists achieve development success
Research Questions

1. How do they deal with legitimacy for their position?
2. Have their work achieved poverty alleviation and improved the well being of the people?
3. Have their relationship with the communities improved the capital assets of the communities?
4. Do they encourage participatory- social inclusion, empowerment and equal voice (regardless of gender, social class, ethnicity or religion)?

30 05 2011

Ralph, your research question sounds more like a development problem, not one for research. You may have to restate your key research problem and the sub research questions in a way that they can be answered through research.

10 06 2011

i am writing a dissertation on language and identity in caribbean literature.what theoretical framework would u advice i use

29 06 2011

Im working on a thesis titled Effects of computer addiction to modern maritime students can you give me advice on what to do for the theoretical framework

29 06 2011

John, you must read previous research and literature related to the topic. From your readings you will discover the appropriate theoretical framework for your topic.

11 07 2011

Good day!
I am currently working on my thesis entitled “health locus of control, depression and quality of life in people who are elder”. I am really having a hard time to start my theoretical framework because i have 3 variables. I know communication is your expertise, but i just need your advice and suggestion. Thanks a lot🙂

17 07 2011
dianne may almonte

hi im dianne! i’m writing a research about “Assessment of the Manila Hotel in reference to the design, construction, material used and its correlation to the stability”. i dont know what theoretical framework i am going to use. would you help me? thanks🙂

17 07 2011

Dianne, you need to read the literature in your field. You must be a civil engineering student and Devcompage is not knowledgeable on that area.

27 07 2011

Hi! Good day. I would like to ask for your help regarding our research project: “Importance of 5S in the workplace: Implication to employers and employees camaraderie”, I would like to ask for some infos regrading the theoretical framework that Im going to use. Can you please help me? Thanks a lot! ? I’ll appreciate your response.

28 07 2011

Jamille, this site is about communication science (mass comm, devcom, comm research, etc.). I’m afraid I am not in a position to give you expert advice on your topic.

1 08 2011

Hello. I am writing a thesis about the “Correlation between the teaching performance and academic achiebement of the students” I dont know what theoretical framework i am going to use. would you help me? thanks🙂

5 08 2011

Chchii, this site is about development communication, not educational research.

4 08 2011

can i ask your opinion about my study in the history of land conflict in our place…
what theoretical frame work should i use?
Thank you very much,
God Bless!


8 08 2011

Pls I need informed direction/advice on the best theoretical framework to use for my project. My project topic is; ‘The Effect of commercialisation/privatisation on the performance of broadcast organisations’. Pls be straightforward and specific in your advice. I am so confused. Thank you.

13 08 2011

I am doing a thesis on the determinants of voluntary intellectual capital disclosure, and the effects of this disclosure on the financial performance of companies. Which theory/theories should I use?

Thank you!

14 08 2011

George, sorry to disappoint you but this site is about development communication.

7 10 2011

..i find your site helpful for our thesis..!

7 10 2011

..hi! i find your site helpful..would you mind if i asked you some opinions about our thesis entitled :”conservation tests on selected kindergarten”..? Thank you!

18 10 2011
Lera Faith Navales

kindly make me an theoretical framework AND Conceptual Framework based on my topic.

my topic is:
The Effect of Parental Quarreling and Marital Separation to the Behavior of their Growing Children


19 10 2011

Lera, if I write a theoretical framework and conceptual framework for you, it will cost you a bomb because as a university professor, my fees are stiff. Are you prepared to pay the big bucks? This is just to discourage you from asking me to do your work. I don’t do students’ assignments because as a teacher I prefer that students do their own work so they will learn.

2 11 2011


10 11 2011

Please give me a website that can helpful to my thesis.

Library services…


17 11 2011

Pls.help me how to make a theoretical framework, my topic is all about socio economic status in relation to the academic achievement in school.Thank you!

18 11 2011

here are my the statement of the problem

The study aims to determine the effects of proliferation of imported used RTWs (ukay-ukay) in Batangas City. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions.
1.What is the ukay-ukay, as a business?
2.What laws regulate ukay-ukay?
3.What government agencies are involved in regulating ukay-ukay?
4.What is the profile of personnel implementing regulatory policies regarding importation and sale of ukay-ukay, in terms of:
a)government agency/unit affiliation;
c)years in service

5.How do the respondents assess the effects of ukay-ukay in terms of:
a)Importation process
b)BOC revenue collection target;
c) implementation of Customs rules and regulations;
d) local businesses ;
e)and health?

6.Are there significant differences in the respondents’ assessment when grouped according to their profile variables?
7.What inputs may be used to contribute to the existing policy on Ukay-ukay?

18 11 2011

Mina, please note that this site is about development communication and not business.

26 12 2011

I understand that I need to work on my own theoretical and conceptual frameworks.
I am not expecting anybody to do it for me.
I just don’t know how to determine the variables in my thesis and I can’t find a theory to support my research.
I also can’t find a related literature for this.

27 12 2011

Kristian, if you don’t know the variables in your thesis, why are you doing a thesis? You need to have a grounding in social science research to be able to apply the principles and methods on your own research. Read Earl R. Babbie’s The Practice of Social Research.

8 01 2012

Hii, is it possible for me to send you my research proposal so that I could get you input on it.Thanks

9 01 2012

Sammy, my advice is pro bono in Devcompage. I would prefer our discussions to be done in Devcompage so that other readers will learn from the exchange.

15 01 2012
michael cases

hi, gud morning we find ur site helpful in our thesis. Can we ask some question about our thesis?

17 01 2012

Michael, sure. What’s your thesis about?

21 01 2012

Michael, sure you can ask me some questions about your thesis.

17 01 2012
Jason I.

good morning ma’am. i am an IT instructor and for this semester i have been task to handle the thesis subjects for our graduating students. i’ve been looking for explanations about conceptual and theoretical frameworks for my students. because for the past 4 years, their frameworks typically will include the V-model(A software lifecycle model) and to be frank most are identical up to the last period. i want to change that. will the articles about the 2 frameworks apply to Com. Sci. and I.T. Thesis? and can i repost your articles on our elearning site, i will be citing you of course as my reference. many thanks!

17 01 2012

Jason, sure you can repost my articles in your elearning site. The conceptual and theoretical framework is quite generic. Here’s a useful book:

Trochim, William & Donnelly, James P. The research methods knowledge base. Available free online at http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/

21 01 2012

Found your comments helpful. I am doing my thesis and struggling with the theoritical framework.

I have been given feedback from my supervisor and am in the process of reworking.

Your insights has allowed me to begin from scratch and examine my approach.

22 01 2012

Can you suggest a good theories related to our topic.?🙂
The: Tourism Marketing Strategies Implemented By Loreland Resort.


23 01 2012

Anna, you will have to read the various communication or social science theories (see Links and Resources) to see which theory will provide the theoretical support for your research problem. Try using Google Scholar too for research reports related to your topic.

22 01 2012

what should i write in a theoretical framework??
please make a simple explanation…

23 01 2012

Bitoy, read my post on “Developing a theoretical framework” right here in Devcompage. Also you can read the theses I have featured. In each thesis, you can read the Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Framework.

28 01 2012

i’m having a hard time determining the difference between theoretical and conceptual frameworks. could you help me? please site an example.

29 01 2012

Nisha, read my posts right here in Devcompage. To find the posts, write the phrases below in the Search box on the upper side bar:

Writing the thesis outline: Conceptual framework
Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical framework

12 02 2012

woahh–until now i cant make theoretical framework–huhuh,,who is willing to help me, my thesis title is problems encountered of women radio broadcasters tnz.

13 02 2012

Mitche, what is your thesis’s research question? A theoretical framework refers to the theory or model that provides the theoretical base or support to your findings. Read about developing the theoretical framework right here in Devcompage.

27 02 2012
Rose Tangham

I am a graduate nursing student. I am writing a thesis with my group this last semester. We have been asked to formulate a theoretical framework as it relates to our project topic. I am responsible for developing a theoretical framework as it relates to “How can we increase nurses’ roles in nursing policies”….can someone please assist me with this?

My best regards,

Rose Tangham

29 02 2012

Rose, read my post about developing a theoretical framework.

2 03 2012


I am in Rhetoric 101 at age 46. I took Eng 101 in high school. So much has changed! I am developing a theoretical framework on the subject of domestic violence. I know a lot about it. My confusion is how to put it into the writing guidelines. I started like this:

Why are so many marriages in America affected by Domestic Violence? Women and children in America a affected by Domestic Violence in America and very little is done because of the fact that most of the government is run by men. According to recent studies, more women are victims of domestic violence victims than men. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence in the family unit because they appear to be the weakest physically.

Am I off to a bad start? Am I missing the point?

7 03 2012

Hi…Hello… kindly help me, i don’t have any idea to make my theoretical framework in my study in thesis writing entitled “Assessment of Computer and Hands-on Examination of the Diploma in Computer Secretarial Students”

9 03 2012

Emcres, are you a communication student? Read my post on how to write a theoretical framework in Devcompage.

22 03 2012

actually i dont know where to start, but my topic evolves around hip hop culture and how it affects the new generation in terms of identity and self contact

22 03 2012

i also need your help, i am strugling to write up my framework of wich evolves around hip hop as a culture and how it affects youth around the world in terms of identity

26 03 2012

hi, i have learnt some very useful stuff on Devcom page. Please my thesis is on structural issues affecting the viability of South African community radio. I need help with the theoretical frame work please..I was considering Jurgen Habermas’ Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere as a theoretical base but i don’t know how to put it together.

27 03 2012

My thesis is about CLASSROOM COMMUNICATION-DISCOURSE: TEACHER-STUDENT INTERACTION IN A GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH CLASS and I have several references to cite, my problem is how should I start writing the theoretical framework: This study is/was about…. According to (author), communication in the classroom is….
Is that ok?

15 04 2012

thank you for having this site. tahnks for sharing some guides on how to create the conceptual framework and the theoretical framework. is used to write for research and thesis for my classmates in college but it has been awhile since i graduated so i almost forgot.but now you have refreshed my mind.thanks again. hope u would continue sharing your wisdom

25 04 2012


I would like to know which theretical framework is relevent to my toipic,and my topic is the impact of social engineeering on organizations

3 07 2012

Hi, l am writing thesis on adequacy of senior high school curriculum in meeting the challenges of climate change in Ghana. what theories must i used thanks

11 07 2012

Hi can i ask some advices how do to it. my title is AN ASSESSMENT OF ONLINE MARKETING AS PERCEIVED BY THE STUDENTS. thankyou devcompage

11 07 2012

Tristan, for you to do an assessment of online marketing from the perspective of students, will assume that you have taken a course on social or communication research methods. If not, you need to read the basics.

15 07 2012

Can I ask some advice on how to write my theoretical framework. My research problem is OPINIONS TO MOVE THE OPENING OF CLASSES FROM JUNE TO SEPTEMBER.

16 07 2012

Jhes, read and understand how a theoretical framework is written. I wrote a post on that and provided examples right here in Devcompage. I have also featured several development communication theses with the theoretical framework presented. After reading them, you will have a drift of how it is written. Good luck.

15 07 2012

hi, hello, i’m a public administration student, can you please help me develop the theoretical framework of our thesis, the title of our research is “The PESO’s Monitoring Program of the Status of Employment referred to the Companies” by the way PESO stands for Public Employment Service Office. Thanks a lot!

16 07 2012

Lalaine, this site is about development communication and not on public administration. I can’t give you informed advice on your topic.

21 07 2012

I am writing a proposal for my thesis on Development Communication : How ICTs have been used in accessing health Care information.
I need to know what key variables I should be discussing for my theoretical frame work and what models.
Please can you give me very specific answers.

24 07 2012

Yewy, you need to read up on your selected thesis topic. There is a lot of research literature out there. You need to access them and review them. Once you have read the relevant literature, then you will have an idea on your way forward. What is your research question anyway? Or what is it about the use of ICTs in health care information or communication do you want to address?

24 07 2012

The issue I want to address is how ICTs have prompted or led to social change and the perceptions of the users in Nigeria so between 1990-2015.This is because I want my research to be in line with the 2015 MDGs. My Case study is the University College Hospital Ibadan, NIgeria.

I have read material on Development Communication but I need something more specific. Can you help at all?

24 07 2012

Yewy, read the related research literature first. To measure how ICTs have led to social change in Nigeria between 1990-2015 is a massive study.

21 08 2012

is it a need to have a theoretical framework if the study is descriptive?

21 08 2012

Jessa, yes, you still need a theoretical framework even for a descriptive study. Read some of the theses I posted in Devcompage to have an idea.

1 09 2012

hi! is it possible to decide what theory to use at the latter part of the study? we’re doing a phenomenological research on digital activism. do you have ideas? hehe

7 09 2012

hello, this site is very helpful. But I want to ask, in our research we are to conduct a survey, do we need the result of the survey in order for us to know the output in our theoretical framework? (my group mates are debating about this)

8 09 2012

Laine, why would you want to know the output of your theoretical framework? Who’s asking you to do that. Read what the theoretical framework is about right here in Devcompage and other sources.

9 09 2012

hi !!i have a question to ask!!pls do help me!!we have a thesis all about in library system !!I really don’t have an idea on how to make theoretical and conceptual framework???need you help!!tnx

10 09 2012

Donna, this site is about development communication and related communication fields (mass communication, communication arts, communication research). I don’t have expertise in library science but the posts here on writing the conceptual and theoretical frameworks can help you. Read these posts in the archives.

20 09 2012
annjee porquez

hi.. i want to ask if there is a theoretical framework in academic performance of a students? pls. do help us
.. tnx…

21 09 2012

Annjee, to come up with a theoretical framework on academic performance means that you need to review the research literature (what has been studied) and what theories were used to provide the theoretical foundations on academic performance.

5 10 2012

Hi, what is the relationship between literature review and theoretical framework. Which should be done first and what should be the structure in a thesis? My colleague and I are arguing on this.

9 10 2012

i’m working on a thesis and i dont know how i can build my theoredical framework. i’ve chose the business environment from the book (business model generation) and i don’t know how i can conduct it to my topic. the topic is “nature, organic cosmetic trends in China

7 11 2012

Can any one help me for my theoretical framework for my MBA thesis topic ” Effects of FDI ( foreign direct investment ) in multibrand retail sector in INDIA

13 11 2012
Ruth Ole

Pls i need to construst a conceptual model for my thesis(MSc).it is on the health effects of Biomass fuels use in the developing countries. i woud really apprecaite your comments. Ruth

13 11 2012

Ruth, read my posts on how to develop a conceptual framework. Then you will be able to construct one that fits your research problem.

2 01 2013

hi there,i just want to ask,plz do help me. is there a theoritical framework on teaching styles of professors?tnx a lot.

3 01 2013

Jorell, for your query, you will have to go to an education website.

5 01 2013
Joan Marcelo

Hi ma’am. I’m a BSIT graduating student. can you please me to write/guide a theoretical framework for my study entitled Automated Class Scheduling System.Thanks in advance ma’am.

5 01 2013

Joan, this site is on development communication, not about IT. I will be like a blind leading a blind if I gave you advice on IT.

10 01 2013

Hi!can I ask some help in making an deciding what will be the good and best theoreritical framework that best suited to our research study about the ” Anti-smoking Ordinance…”..I really don’t have the idea what theory to use..is it psychology theories?or sort of behavioral theories???please do help us..We highly need your ideas about this.
Thanks ahead.

25 02 2013

what is the difference between theoretical background and the literature review?

2 03 2013

Nadeen, the theoretical framework is different from the literature review. Read my posts on each of these topics right here in Devcompage.

23 03 2013
Gierjie Medalla

how to write a theoritical framework about the study of out of school

24 03 2013
Norizza Pauline Esteban

Hi! can i ask about what theory should i use in our research proposal? Our topic is TeleRadyo: Innovation and Strategy in Broadcast Media. Thank You!

25 03 2013

Norizza, what about teleradyo are you looking at?

26 03 2013
aleli ada villocino

Thank you very much ma’am. Your tips/pointers will guide me in completing my research proposal. I’m now working on my theoretical framework and indeed it’s really difficult and challenging. Honestly I’m not a researcher but this journey will help me grow in my profession.

More POWER for better service!

3 05 2013

ma’am, may I ask if you can help me to have a title for our research..I am a social studies major and my professor wants me to come up with a descriptive research.. I dont have an idea on what title may I have.

5 08 2013

I just want to know where I can find the descriptive theses framework that Mme. Escalada mentioned here? I did not find, Thank you

7 08 2013

Mili, what do you mean by descriptive theses framework? I suggest you read Babbie’s The Practice of Social Research and many other references.

29 08 2013

can you help me on how can I bulid a proper framework/ Diagram on our related thoeries? pleease🙂

3 09 2013

Joshua, what are your related theories?

10 09 2013

As an individual with an interdisciplinary background, currently I am a Phd candidate in Education studies and I am having a hard time developing a framework for a study on 1st and 2nd year Latino college students. Within this study I want to examine the factors that lead to the successful navigation of the US public school system and in return able to enroll at a research university. What framework would I employ to do a qualitative study that encompasses critical ethnography and student subjective narratives? Any help will be truly appreciated.

10 09 2013

Zelda, I am a communication person and unable to give expert advice on issues in education research.

21 09 2013

Hi, we are studying about social impact assessment of reduction risk reduction management between urban and rural local governments. Can you please help me if there are related theories that I can use on this? Would you suggests independent and dependent variables that I can use? thanks and more power!

23 11 2013

Francis, is this for a public administration thesis? This is a devcom site and I will be like the blind leading the blind if I tried to give you advice.

23 09 2013

i am now under thesis, and yeah its about theoretical framework and my topic is TOURISM PROMOTION and TOURISM PROMOTIONAL VIDEO….can i ask for a help email me pls…. mis decompage, 1 and a half of band paper needed to state the topic…

23 11 2013

Bhadz, what is your research question or research problem.

29 06 2014
Mary Binduja

What is the difference between theoretical frame work and conceptual frame work?
Doctorateness can be achieved only when the researcher emerges from ‘descriptive state to ‘analytical/Interpretive’ state to eventually ‘the meta conceptual state'(Leshem, Shosh and Trafford Vernon, 2007, pp. 93-105). In that case does the descriptive theses framework fulfill doctorateness?

30 06 2014

Mary, doctorateness is a concept used in discussions on quality assurance for doctoral candidates. Isn’t it assumed that scientific research (whether descriptive or experimental) leads to analytical and conceptual? One must be able to bring observations or data from the level of experience to the level of concept.

5 11 2015
Shahara Barailah

Good Day Maam Monica my topic is all about peer assisted learning strategies and academic performance in reading. i don’t know how to start making a framework. i hope you can help me. God bless you maam🙂

6 11 2015

I to is alitle confused about reading literature and theoretical/conceptial frame work for my study.
the area of interest is on male influce on female condom utilisation which seeks for some modles.
which are they?
and how do i start reading literature on that topic?
then what modle is more appropriate
thank you..

8 11 2015

Hi… are you still able to answer some questions? I’m working on my undergraduate thesis, and I know you are not in the field of education, but in the field of communication; although, it’s related to both. The title is something like: The effectiveness of the Communicative Approach in the context of public chilean schools: perceptions of experienced teachers. I’m lost regarding the definition of concepts because I have to start with language learning to lead the subject or concepts to communicative competence and performance… Any suggestions, comments, ideas, I’b be pleased! Thanks a lot!

15 11 2015

hi ma’am devcompage:

I am wondering what theory will I possibly use for my theoretical/conceptual framework. I am currently working on my thesis called Singing of Adventist Hymns in relation to the Spiritual Growth of Adventist Church Members. Can you help me how to come up with my theoretical/conceptual framework?

19 11 2015

Hello Ma’am devcompage
My topic is impact of accounting and finance information on management’s decision making in a corporation company and may you please help me how to come up with the theoretical frame work for this topic?
thanks in advance

23 11 2015

hi, am confused my topi is”the effects of socio-cultural environment on women entrepreneurs” plz help we av been told to mention relevant theories.

26 11 2015

Hi , I am difficult to write theoritical framework about my nursing thesis. My topic is ”quality of life in patient with coronary artery disease”. please guide me.

4 02 2016
Darren Gutierrez

Hi Ma’am. Im Darren Gutierrez, an undergraduate student taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English in Holy Angel University here in the Philippines. I would like to ask on what theoretical framework should I look with this title research that I have : “The Impact of Critical Thinking Skills to the Writing Proficiency of Grade 8 Students of our University.” Thank you.

20 02 2016
monina escalada

Darren, this site is about development communication and not language teaching. Sorry.

11 02 2016

i am a engineering student and wrting a research paper on “Integration of Land Classification Tehniques and Participatory Mapping in Identifying the Abaca Plantation Areas in the Municipality of Malinao, Albay”. Please i need a guidance to my research and on how to write a theoretical framework.

thank you

20 02 2016
monina escalada

Calvin, I’d like to help but land management isn’t my area of expertise. You will have to turn to your professors and read up on the topic to have a clue on a theoretical framework.

16 02 2016

Good day Ma’am! I’m Jolynne Gatica from PUP. Our thesis topic is all about the impact of mangrove conversion on aquaculture, food security and income of fisher folks. Can you help me po in doing our Theoretical Framework? Thank you so much po😀

20 02 2016
monina escalada

Jolynne, I’m afraid I am not in a position to help you. I am a communication scientist and will be a blind leading the blind if I were to help you on aquaculture, which is not my area of expertise. I hope you understand.

22 02 2016

how to develop a frame work

9 03 2016

Hi. I’m an undergraduate student. Do I need a theoretical framework for a case study research? The topic goes like this: perception of the impact of field work as a method of teaching and learning geography (a case study of….)
If yes, a heads up will be greatly appreciated.

9 03 2016

Am a masters student and am struggling with formulating my theoretical framework for my research, My topic is THE ROLE OF COMMUNICATION IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN PUBLIC SERVICE. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

9 03 2016

hello. I’m having a hard time making the Theoretical and Conceptual framework of my thesis. It is entitled “Permanent Modular Construction: An Alternative to Standard Method of Construction”. I don’t know how to do it. Somebody help me please.

18 03 2016
Mekka Arabelle

Hi maam moni,
Actually I am really having a hard time because of my research . the area given was motivation and affective factors . Then our topic is about reading fiction books in learning the english language. Our teacher is the one who changed our topic instead of Significance of Fiction Books in Learning English Language among learners. This is why now I’m getting frustrated coz I don’t know what theory to use. ..

28 04 2016
Thelma Braza

Hi Mam good day I am currently starting my thesis, my title is Hacienda Looc- Assessment of its Compliance with WWF-Philippines and Nasugbu’s Local Ordinance
My question is what is my independent and dependent variables
And what would be my theoretical framework

9 05 2016
simon apollos

Good day Mam, my topic is unified tertiary matriculation examination, post unified tertiary matriculation examination And performance of students in university. what possible theory can I apply?

21 05 2016

Good day ma’am and thanks for this piece.ur post seems to give a clue to what I need, although I am still confused about how to begin. I am writing on: “Assessment of awareness of integrated project delivery and it’s potential for improving building project performance” Do you think this topic requires a theoretical and conceptual framework? If so, which theories may be used in this case. Thanks.

24 05 2016

Dear monina, please advise on theoretical framework for legal research. Am writing on “The maritime taxation legal framework in s.africa”

6 06 2016
Where To Put A Thesis In An Outline | Wohahafo

[…] Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical framework – … challenging chapters to write in a thesis outline. … about Writing the thesis outline: … articles about Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical … […]

16 06 2016
Mugerwa Brian Mark

Can you help me please write a literature review of my idea of the internship placement data tracking system because it’s like it’s giving me problems to write it, I really need your help

21 06 2016
shopping blog

I constantly spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s articles or reviews daily along with a mug of coffee.

24 06 2016

Mam I have tried in vain to read and find a clear difference between conceptual framework and theoretical framework on thesis topic ‘Impact of tax incentives on financial performance’ the two frames are giving me hard time on my start of developing the research

24 06 2016

“Tax incentives and financial performance in mining sector’ thus the topic I am working on

7 07 2016
Nikka Firm

how about the related theory about the “relationship of the demographics in choosing selected brand if shoes either Class A or authentic products

7 07 2016
Nikka Firm

how about the related theory about the “relationship of the demographics of students in choosing selected brand of shoes either Class A or authentic products”

24 08 2016
A Theoretical Framework For Bilingual Special Education – alldailyneeds

[…] Writing the thesis outline: Theoretical … – Many students find writing the theoretical framework one of the most challenging chapters to write in a thesis outline. In fact, if you scroll down the Thesis … […]

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